Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Everleigh (20 Months!!!)


This week you hit 20 months old, which means you're between one and a half and two. It also means I will have to stop using months soon to describe your age because it just gets weird at some point. Like for instance, I am currently 352 months old. But it's weird to say it that way. Okay, back to you.

You're one and a half right now, so I have the sneaking suspicion you will change a great deal in the years to come ;) Which I understand and totally condone. However, there are some little things I just don't want to forget like:

Dinosaur teeth. while you have almost all your teeth now, when you smile or laugh we can see all but your two front top teeth for some reason. It's actually really endearing, and makes your other teeth look all big and round and especially cute.

Fergus. We found this book for you at the library (David Shannon's "Good Boy, Fergus"), and you are pretty obsessed with it. You just love having us read it to you over and over and over and over. You'll look at us and say "Fergus!", and we know we're going to have to read it at least 3 times before you feel like you've got your Fergus fix. Other favorite books this month? "Just Me and My Dad" by Mercer Mayer and "Goose on the Loose".

"Daddy help you." Whenever your dad or I saw you struggling with something, we would ask, "do you want Daddy/Mommy to help you?" and you would nod. Now, you've taken to getting in a bind and saying "Daddy help you" or "Mommy help you". Sometimes you say both to me :) silly girl.

Puppy song. Lately you've gotten into me singing you the "puppy song" from your "If you were my bunny" book. One night you had me sing it like 12 times in a row, which was exhaustingly fun. You are a puppy lover if I ever saw one.

Babe song. You fell in love with Johnny Cash's "It ain't me babe" song and now request it often by saying "babe song". You even sing your version of it sometimes "no,no,no ehhhhhh me BABE". You're on your way.

Tiny Girl: you are still hovering between 18 mo and 24 mo clothes. You've been right on the 25th percentile mark for your age pretty much since birth, and as your pediatrician says, you're perfectly proportionate, you're just small. This does not phase you. In your mind, you are the biggest toughest kid around.

Preferences. This month you really kicked in with your preferences. It's fun to ask you if you want to watch something on TV or hear a song on the radio. Sometimes you say no to things I would have sworn you liked. Other times your yes's surprise me. Sometimes you say yes, then laugh because the thing you said yes to is SO silly, it's laughable. In general, you hate grown up TV, although you'll tolerate westerns for dad's sake. You love Dora and Gabba Gabbba and Boo. You like pop music or indie/rock jams with a good beat. You also love blues and guitar solos. Go figure. You're very picky about which shoes you like to wear and what PJ's you like and so on. Your favorite shoes are your purple and pink snow boots, and although we haven't had any real snow this winter, you've worn your snow boots with several outfits around the house.

Sleep talker. You continued to talk in your sleep this month...often you'll say words like "more please", "puppy dog", or "play". Last night you said "doughnuts". I am not claiming that one.

Sicky. This month I caught a terrible cold, which I then passed to you. When you are sick, you want Mommy, Mommy, Mommy and only Mommy. All the time. Day and night. You can't breathe through your little nose, and this makes you mad. On average when you're sick, you sleep about 45 minutes at a time. Mommy is tired, but mostly I feel bad for you and your poor little nose.

Scuff Nose, Part II. Also, right before getting sick this month, you took a little tumble up the stairs and scuffed your nose on the carpet. It looked pretty awful, but you were very brave. I just about called 911 before realizing you were totally fine.

Share bear. This week, I saw you being SOOO sweet and kind to a little boy at the library (or as you call it, "libaby"). It melted my heart to see you saying thank you, please, and even bless you when the little boy sneezed. You didn't freak out, even when the boy took the Dora book you wanted to look at, and I couldn't have been more proud.

I did it. You've taken to saying "I did it" or "We did it" after you accomplish something, however small. You'll get your sock on and say "I DID it!" and sometimes even add "lo hicimos". It's pretty adorable.

Everleigh, you are just such a sweet, smart, and special girl. I love you so much and I'm so happy to be you Mom.

All my love,


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