Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everleigh's Film Debut

Today Ev and I took part in an infomercial shoot ("there's gotta be a better way!")...but no really, we did. The shoot was for a product called Treadders, which are slippers/shoes for babies and toddlers. They have a leather bottom and denim or corduroy top. They're washable and fun for kids to play in. Plus the elastic tops make it easy for grown ups to get them on and hard for curious babies to get off.

Yeah yeah, they're great ;) How did we end up in this infomercial? Basically we're amazing and highly scouted. Oh, and Scott has a friend who shoots infomercials for national ads and needed a baby about Ev's age and a mother/hand model. So that's really why. Plus all that other stuff I said about how awesome we are.

I was a little worried when the shoot overlapped part of her nap time, but she did really well and let me change her outfit a few times and take the shoes off and on and have her walk the same way a few times, etc. What a good girl.

And I even had a small role of putting the shoes on her and hand-modeling some of the features :)

At the end of the day, she got her first paycheck (which I will use for something fun for her) and got to keep her very own little Treadders.

How fun! Once it's edited and such I'll post a copy of it on here so you guys can cheer us on while we do our thing  :)

PS: Can you believe tomorrow's Friday? It seems like the week just started to me for some reason. Have a good weekend everyone!

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