Sunday, October 23, 2011

Room Dates

Since Scott and I are still pretty new to this whole "being married and having a little one and still trying to maintain a relationship" thing, it's taken some real work to make time for each other.

Obviously, we consider Everleigh to be our greatest work of art to date, and we love staying up and talking about her --catching the other one up on adorable things she did that day, or just simply saying over and over "isn't she awesome?" or "how about when she does this or that?".  But no matter how fun that is, there also need to be some moments that are about us individually and about our relationship.

We've taken to setting the time aside after Ev falls asleep to enjoy what we call a Room Date. We turn on the baby monitor and maybe enjoy a glass of wine while watching an old movie and chit-chatting. We try to make it as date-like as possible, and it's been such a good way to reconnect at the end of a busy day. I've always thought great conversation was the biggest turn-on :) Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of evenings where I fall asleep reading while Scott is downstairs painting or where we take our frustrations out on each other...but it's nice to have our own special thing we can ask for when we know we need some face-time. Wanna have a room date?

Anyone have unique ways they've kept the flame alive with their spouse or significant other post-baby?


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amira said...

Room dates are our default, whenever Saad's in town, at least, but we really love going out for dates.

We try new hobbies together to keep things interesting, or if we do go out--try new dessert/ice cream shops.

But most of all, our all time favorite hang out/thing to do/what we end up doing anyway is sitting in our car with with soft music on the radio and chat. Or just hold hands and look at the night sky.

Our car's our treehouse.

Sorry, this comment isn't too helpful, but it sure got me rambling.

(P.S. I'm almost done with Let the Baby Drive and wanted to know if you needed it back by a specific date or anything. Reading for leisure is on the back burner with all of this MCAT business for now.)