Monday, October 3, 2011

Pizza Party, Hot Date, and No Talking about Everleigh ;)

Sorry-let's get caught up. Scott and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary with Everleigh last tuesday (9/27) by going out for pizza at one of our local family favorites--Minsky's. We giggled and wrangled the kiddo over bites of Prime Cut (to.die.for.), and pretty much felt blown away that our lives have changed so much from when we first met. Seeing as how Everleigh is the ultimate expression of our love--in the form of an adorable, strong-willed little go-getter, it only felt right to have her there.

We ended the night with swinging at  Loose Park and a stroll through the beautiful rose garden (Everleigh loves the fountain at the center). Then it was bathtime/bedtime and Everleigh sandwiches all around (something Scott and I started when she was tiny--we yell out "Everleigh sandwich!" and both hug up on her at once. She thinks it's the best). It was a really special night for us as a family and we all went to bed with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

Then Scott and I dolled up and went out for a night on the town Saturday, while my parents stayed home with Ev at the house. We decided to go off the beaten path and hit some locally-owned spots that were new to us. Scott got a much needed hair cut, and I spent a little time getting was so nice to feel pretty and know for sure there wasn't a yogurt handprint on my back or a banana chunk in my hair ;)

We ate dinner at Lilly's on 17th, which is tucked away in this amazing little Westside neighborhood. The sun was setting as we dined outside under the glow of paper lanterns and candles. We went all out, enjoying shrimp with white wine sauce, petite filet (me) mashed potatoes and sweet peas, and a pork chop (Scott) with mashed and sweet peas. We topped the divine meal off with some kind of orgasmically amazing semi-sweet chocolate dessert.

3 years baby
Then we were off to Grunhaurs, a cool art deco place that feels like a secret spot for ex-pats to hang. We didn't know it was Octoberfest there, which was pretty fun...we had one cocktail and then went down the street to our old favorite, The Cashew. Every year for the past 4 years or so we've taken photobooth pics at the Cashew on our anniversary or birthdays. It's fun to look back at them later and see all the different hairdos, varrying degrees of chubiness, etc. Plus, who doesn't love a photobooth? Here's what we did:

Lastly, we ended the night with a stop at 1911 Main, a new jazz bar that was featuring live jazz that night. We sipped martinis and felt very fancy. It was SO good to take the time to really talk about our lives, what we're thinking about, where we're heading, and how far we've come. We started the night off with a "no talking about Everleigh" rule (simply because we talk about her all the time and we needed some time to reconnect), but ended it by totally breaking the rule and just shaking our heads in amazement about how great she is and how proud we are of her. Love, love, love.

Of course, we got home around midnight (possibly the latest we've ever stayed out since she was born?), to a crying baby (I could literally hear her saying "I want my mama" in a sad, whimper as I came in the door). But after the time away, it was so nice to snuggle her to sleep and think about what a lucky, lucky girl I am.

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