Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo-Booth Pics Over Time (Me & Scotti)

As I was writing the last post about our anniversary date and getting photo-booth pics at The Cashew (a tradition for us), I was compelled to post some of our other fantastic Cashew photo-booth moments.

It was so fun to remember those epic nights and check out our varying 'do's. It occurred to me that Scott almost looks like a different guy in some of these. Hilarious. Here goes!!!! Enjoy
Our earliest picture from the days where we were renovating and living in our little loft/gallery space on 18th Street in the Crossroads Art District. I was probably 25? Maybe 24.

Pre-baby. Just over 2 years ago. Not going to lie--we were pretty tanked in this one. It was the after party for the KCPT TV Dinner event,  which had an open bar. Ahh..the times we had. 
Our 2 year wedding anniversary last September. This was one of our first real dates post-baby and we had dinner at Lulu's and drinks at The Cashew. Check out my man's ability to grow a fierce beard!

Scott's 40th Birthday date earlier this year. We had dinner at Skies and then hit The Cashew for our pics :)

Our most recent--3 year anniversary. And get this--the booth did not work on our first try. The manager had to come out and fix it. He asked us, "how important ARE these pictures to you anyway?".  To which we replied, "super important". So he sighed and fixed it. Yay for us!

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amira said...

Whoa, Scott's like a totally different person in each set (lol)!

Super cute idea and tradition. Happy 3rd anniversary!!