Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes it's more fun to say "Screw It"

Today is one of those days. After a week of feeling super stressed about how behind I am at work and simultaneously dealing with Everleigh being sick and not getting any sleep etc, I've decided today to go into in straight up "screw it" mode.

I admittedly felt distracted by the loud conversation in the conference room right by my office, and spent 10 minutes trying to get Pandora to work so I could block it out with some sweet tunes. For some reason, Pandora wouldn't load. So I went to Quiet Company page hoping to find some downloads. Have you heard of Quiet Company? They are fantastic. But anyways...that didn't pan out (but I took some time to buy their new album!). Then I settled on streaming NPR's All Songs Considered. Which satisfied my urge to hear something other than loud voices talking about vocational rehab.

Then I tried to open my online folder to get the client assessment done I need to do. And instead found myself blogging. You know what? It's Friday. It's beautiful out, and I am so far behind that I basically feel like just enjoying life and getting to it this weekend.

Hope everyone else is having as much fun dodging responsibility today!!!

PS: I promise to put up some fun/cute pics of Miss Ev soon. Maybe one of her wiping her runny nose off on my lip? I know. Disgusting but true.

Ok, here's a quick pic:

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