Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

Well, it is 3 days past Christmas and I'm finally recovering from all the love, smiles, hugs, and yummy food I got spoiled with over the holidays.

Here's how our Christmas went down:

after rocking out on Friday night ;), Scott, Ev and I stayed in a hotel in St. Joe. We woke up on Christmas Eve and had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel with friends (um, well, about as leisurely as you can with a toddler. Basically this means we laughed and enjoyed company while chasing Everleigh down between bites of food.). Then I took Ev for a swim in the hotel pool, which she loved for about 5 minutes, then she just wanted to get out and run around the outside of the pool scaring me half to death.

Later that afternoon, we shared a Christmas ham with Scott's mom, sister, daughter Tory, and 3 year old niece Remi. Everleigh was in hog heaven running around with Remi and trying to open everyone else's presents. She scored some sweet gifts and we all enjoyed some laughs. Then, we headed back to Kansas City to go to MY parent's Christmas shindig. We ate some more, laughed some more, let Everleigh chase around some more, and helped her open presents.

While Ev was much more hip to Christmas this year, she still didn't quite get it, and eventually I think she felt like we were putting her to work opening gifts. She did, however, enjoy the toys!

When we got home Christmas Eve night, we got Ev to sleep, then set about opening up all her toys--a task which required a pair of scissors, a good set of fingernails, some sharp teeth, and lots of patience. How about the way the wrap up kids toys these days? Sheesh! 400 twist ties, 37 rubber bands, 3 curse words, and a pile of cardboard later, her gifts were opened. We decided rather than wrapping them in paper, which she would then not want to open and we would have to open for her, we opted for placing the gift under the tree out of the packaging so she could dive right in. Also, because by then we were feeling extremely lazy.

And wouldn't you know that Christmas morning, Everleigh snuck downstairs at 6AM and without a peep, grabbed a gift (a little panda purse), walked into our room carrying it, and tapped me on the shoulder? When I looked up she was carrying the purse and had a smile on her face the size of Texas. Adorable.

So we did the present thing and watched her play, then I cooked up a special Christmas meal just for us--turkey breast, potatoes, stuffing, canned cranberries (the best), fresh green beans, corn, and hot biscuits. It was a hit with Scotti :)

The rest of the day we were as lazy as you can be with a toddler. We stayed in PJ's and watched Christmas specials on TV. Everleigh enjoyed the old and new versions of the Grinch, and then we all sacked out about 8:30PM. Honestly, it was one of the best Christmas's I've ever had. So much love!

I hope yours was great too!


Tatum said...

Everyone in my family made the same comments about the packaging as we tried to open my nephews' presents!

amira said...

Wanted to drop a note and comment on all of the posts I just caught up on -- everything sounds like it's going swimmingly! And right on about not know what mothering advise to take until you find your own path (a previous post).

Loved reading everything going on with you and your adorable family, as always :)

amira said...

Ha, I meant advice, not advise.