Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (18 Months!)

Dear Everleigh,

Today marks the day that you turn one-and-a-half years old. And you woke up feeling onry as all get out :) Every day I see you becoming less of a baby and more of a person. It's both exciting and a little sad for me to see, because you'll always be my little baby. But I'm so proud of you and all the things you're learning and doing--the "big girl" you're becoming. Today I watched you sleep as the warm light crept into your bedroom, and I just felt my heart swell in my chest. I couldn't love you more.

Here's what you're up to now:

Mommie's little tomboy: you're still outright refusing to let me put piggies in your hair, and headbands or bows are just a joke. I'm cool with it, although if you only knew how adorable you look in pigtails, you might change your mind. The other day we had brunch at a diner in town, and our waitress saw your peacoat and tennies and short no-frills hairdo and said, "she's a tomboy huh?". And while I hadn't given that too much thought, I guess she's kind of right. I just think of you as YOU, but you are one of toughest chics I know. And good for you. Keep on rocking your personality.

Nakey: lately you've taken to stripping off your diaper after you pee in it, then running around all nakey til we catch you. This is probably a good sign that you'll be easier to potty train, since you apparently don't want to sit in a wet diaper, even for a minute. the bad news? Sometimes when you're running around all naked butted, you also pee on the floor or the bed. No beuno. You did this just this morning and Daddy was not pleased. You are a wild on, Ev.

Teeth McGeeth: I know I've said it a bunch on the blog, but this was a crazy month for you teeth-wise. You've been sort of a late bloomer with your teeth (first 2 at 10 months, second 2 at 12 months, next 2 around 14-15 months...then nothing til now). You must have decided now was the time, because this month you've been banging out like all remaining teeth on the top and bottom, including molars. It's been intense, but you've handled it well. And just think how awesome your teeth will look when it's all said and done?

Little Words: My goodness, lady you have been talking up a storm! You are getting really good at repeating everything people say (which means I have to watch what I say a little more), and wowing me with your abilities. Common things you say: "night night", "baby teeth", "I do!", "I love you", "up high". You like pointing out Mommy and Daddy's facial features "Mommy's nose", "Daddy's teeth". It's pretty cute. you also like to point to your books and say things like "Dora's house", "Boots' house". and the way you say house is super cute too by the way.

Getting ready to move: we are prepping for a move to our new house, and we're trying to make it fun so you can get excited about it too. We've told you all about your new playroom, and driven past the house several times and telling you "it's our new house!". You're excited, and I can't wait to see you explore the new house with us. You've been a good helper too--packing boxes with Mommy and throwing your things in while I try to organize ;) The last box I packed, you kept putting in your Scout doll, your 2 fake eggs, and your shoes and socks. Every time I took them back out, you'd put them in again. You are going to have a blast packing and unpacking with us :)

Getting your groove on: you've always been a music lover, but lately you've been especially into certain beats. I'll look back at you in the car, and you'll be swaying your head side to side like the best of them. You seem to know how to move to the music, which I think is great. I can't wait for more dance parties in the future. You've also started singing with me sometimes, which I love. Foulk family band--what what?

Get You! Right now we like playing the game where when Daddy or I come home from work or school, or even enter the room you're in, we'll say "I'm gonna get you!" and chase you down and hug you. You love this, and you usually run right for us, like "bring it on" and squeal and laugh and it's very cute.

Ev, you are such a sweet and fun and curious little thing. Every day your Dad and I step back and say to each other, "can you believe we made that?" You are so strong and determined, yet soft and sensative. It's so fun being your mom, and I'm excited to see what awaits us next.

Love always,


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Rachel said...

Do you have a potty chair yet? You might get one and set it out wherever she likes to run around nakey and see if she sits on it. I have a couple of friends whose girls potty trained around 18 months. You never know! (My boys were three before they were potty trained though.)