Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

For those of you who aren't from the good old Midwest, you need to be informed that we rock all 4 seasons out hard. In a way, it's neat to get the full experience of Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I rarely ever get excited about Missouri winters.

This week kicks off the start of weather that, according to the weather man "feels like it's in the teens". If you're  a metric system person, that just basically means it's freezing and you should not go outside.

Times like these I like to picture laying on the sand and listening to the waves roll in while the sun kisses my shoulders and Everleigh builds sandcastles with Scott. Maybe someday. For now, we are gearing up for what we hope will be a mild winter.

The upside? Christmas is decidedly more fun with a little one around!

Last week Everleigh and I went to explore the Christmas Wonderland in Gilham Park, a Kansas City tradition my mom remembers from her childhood. They had free hot cocoa, lots of fun wooden and blow-up decorations, a playground, and a stage packed with Glee-like performances by local teens singing Christmas tunes. Oh, and we can't forget the BIG GUY--Santa came in on a sleigh pulled by a tractor. I know, I know, but this IS Missouri folks. You've got to have a little tractor here and there ;)

It was so fun watching Ev explore the decorations (she loved the peek-a-boo penguine blow up the most!) and get her dance onto the Christmas tunes. While we've debated what to say to her about Santa, we decided there's no harm in letting her dictate her own level of make believe when it comes to that, and she loved telling us that Santa goes "who who who".

Gosh I'm a lucky girl :)

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amira said...

a) I like the new blog look.

b) I'm always envious of people in regions with reasons versus the varied levels of hot Houston is prone to. It's been in the 50s lately and THATS freezing for us!

C) Ev 's adorable :)