Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving the Week Before Christmas--a Love Story

Note: I wrote this post last week, then in my rush forgot to post it. Boo to me. Since then we have moved and we LOVE our new little house!

We officially have 3 days left until we get keys to our new place, and the big move happens over the weekend. We are so excited about moving into our little house and getting all snuggled in right before Christmas. This means we've pushed back decorating or doing lots of Christmas traditions until we're settled, but it should make for a super fun week leading up to Christmas!

We plan to move some things before we get the truck, like our clothes and dishes and Ev's toys. I just realized yesterday in packing up our 3 bookshelves, that it took TEN boxes just to load up books and bookshelf items (framed pictures and other things on the bookshelf). Crazy. We cannot wait to get to the new place and begin decorating and coming up with new ideas. It will put a real creative bug into our cold winter months, and I couldn't be more thrilled. When we first heard that our rent was going to almost double if we stayed at our current home, we freaked out a little bit. We like it there and it serves us well. But in prepping for this move, we are getting excited about the ways our new home will be different. Everleigh has started noticing houses in her books and saying "Dora's house", "Boot's house" etc. Last night I asked her if she was excited about moving to our new house and she looked at me, nodded her head and said "playroom". She knows!

In thinking about Christmas and the things we want to do at the new house (Scott is so excited he wants to put up lights on the house even though they will only be up for a week), I've been remembering Christmas traditions from my childhood and considering what traditions we want to carry over or invent for our family.

As a kid, I always remember my mom baking sugar cookies and letting us help decorate, weathering the cold to chop down our own Christmas tree, playing Christmas records on the giant record console in our hallway that we were usually not allowed to touch, singing hymns and Christmas songs, sitting by the stone fireplace and watching my dad crack chestnuts and walnuts so we could have a taste, helping decorate the tree and having our own special ornaments, doing the advent calendar, listening to my dad read us Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Biblical Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Then there were Christmas church services and driving around to see the houses with all the lights, caroling with church groups and adopting an "angel tree" family to buy gifts for, helping my parents wrap the gifts they bought for each other in a funny kid-way (too much tape and lots of odd shapes). It was magical. You know what I barely remember? What gifts I got. Because it really didn't matter that much. It was about how it felt. And it felt beautiful.

I hope I can give that same gift to Everleigh, and plan to start this year in our new house--even if we have moving boxes piled up next to the tree.

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