Monday, December 12, 2011

Date Night!

Enjoying a beer sample of scotch ale. Yummy!

My attempt to take a picture of my vintage dress and Steve Madden shoes in the ladies' room

This Saturday, Scott and I had a date night (woot!). And it went like this: we dropped Ev off at my Mom and Dad's house and went back home to doll up. Scott smooched me while I was getting ready, and I knocked over a red Christmas candle I had burning and spilled red wax all over the carpet (again, we are about to move and are hoping to get our deposit back!). Scott was like "it is what it is and let's not let it ruin our night". But I was upset. We finished getting ready and found some neat lo-fi underground show thing we wanted to go to. But then we couldn't find the place. Fail. So we made a Plan B. We drove to this neat little bar that usually has live jazz. And upon walking in, we were told the kitchen had runout of food and the band had canceled, and they were closing. Fail. So we made a Plan C and wound up at Grinders, our old stomping grounds from when we lived on 18th Street in our make-shift gallery/loft. Which I should totally write a post about. More on that later. But because of that, we know most of the staff and regular patrons there, and you know what? It wound up being a lovely time.

We got to sample some great beers and we found ourselves joking and laughing just like old times in the company of lots of fellow artists, musicians, architects, and people best classified as "other". We shared a slice of freshly tossed pizza, and chatted the night away until it was time to go get the girl.

A perfect night that went nothing like we planned!

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GoodnessMeGoddess said...

Aw, great pics! Love you guys, miss'yo faces! :D Glad it turned into something great and unexpected!