Monday, December 26, 2011

Rock Star for a Night

Sorry I've been out of touch! Friday night bot Scott and I had "reunion" shows with our old bands, so we traveled up to Saint Joseph (only an hour away from Kansas City), to play some music. We took Ev and checked into the downtown hotel, dropped her off at Scott's mom's house, then dolled up and prepped for our night.

I took a loooonnng bath and spent way too long on my hair and makeup just because I could. Then I got all psyched up and went down to the venue to kick the party off. We did a sound check and then hung about, I drank some cocktail concoction with orang juice and chocolate vodka--sounds weird but tastes yummy!

Then we played, and let me tell you--I loved it. At first I was nervous because, well, being on stage is so different from my day to day life and I was worried about getting the parts right. But as soon as we dove in, I forgot all about that and just enjoyed playing and singing and doing my thing. 

We had a pretty decent crowd of old friends, fans, and random peeps who wandered in. Lots of fellow musicians and hippie-types, which was sweet. We passed out kazoos and squirt guns and bubbles (curtesy of Santa and the Dollar Tree), and made it a big party.

Meanwhile, a block away, my hubby Scott rocked out with his old band to a huge crowd (his crowd seemed a little more neck-tatoo, I might fight you types). It was awesome watching him do his thing up there--Scott is an amazing performer and he was straight up getting it with his moves and his stage presence. After watching for a bit, I had to literally run back to my venue to close with a second set, then we picked the girl up from Grandmas and slept at the hotel. 

It was a busy/crazy/awesome night, and it did us both some good to feel like we were rockin, even if just for one night. 

PS: Christmas posts to come!

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